Sunday, April 3, 2011

Velveeta Cheese Box Paper Cowgirl Challenge, Contest and Auction!

We all love Velveeta cheese, the boxes really are iconic symbols of our childhood and takes us back to the kitchen table with a yummy orange macaroni and cheese plate before us...
And as Paper Cowgirl Artists, we can create ART now out of anything,
EVEN the box!
The challenge is laid at your craft table...

The challenge will be to make something out of a Velveeta Cheese box. (2 lb size)  It can be anything decorative or utilitarian.  The main rule is that the bottom of the box (brown corrugated part) must retain it's form so that it will still be recoginzeable as a Velveeta box.  You can cut holes in it, or take it apart and reassemble as long as it keeps its shape and app size.  The lid can be used or not and can be cut up to use in any way.  The lid should be incorporated into the design, not a seperate item. 
Here is one little sample of using an everyday item of a Velveeta Cheese box to create something else...
{Photo courtesy of LollyChops}
The "entries" will be displayed at some point during PC so that everyone gets a chance to vote on their favorites.  Winner will get a trophy (I found one at Warrenton) and a donated prize (depending what we get).
Then on Vendor night, winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) will be announced, and a silent auction will be held for all the pieces with donations going to Tina's Scholarship Fund.   
Are YOU game?!! If so, please go to the Yahoo Database for Paper Cowgirls and add your name to the Velveeta Cheese box Challenge record there.
Questions? Email me, Susan Skinner at sissyfox1 at yahoo dot com.
Now get Challenged!


  1. I signed up on the database! Yay!!
    Kristi Day

  2. Well YEAH I'm game! I'll sign up on the database right now. Sounds fun!
    Thanks! Mendy