Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Cowgirl Vintage charm swap"


Have you ever rummaged through grandma’s jewelry box or jeweled treasures at a flea market?  Find joy in the beauty of old, well loved and worn baubles and trinkets, sheet music, lacy metals, flowers, gears, and magical beauty. Well now is your chance to use those vintage treasures! Join us in this fun and fabulous charm swap.

 You will make TWO sets of charms per person one Art/creative charm and 1 filler charm
*  You will keep  1 Art/Creative and 1 Filler for yourself (2 charms).

Art Charms/Creative Charms

One of your charms should be something creative and fun, an “art charm”. 
   Suggested materials might include altered metal charms, altered beads and baubles, altered coins, stamped and altered metal pieces, Shrinky Dink plastic, polymer clay, metal accents such as photo hangers, eyelets, or brads. 
Please keep the size UNDER the size of a US Quarter to make our bracelets or necklaces easier to wear.  Also, please make sure that any wires or metals are smoothed so not to snag clothing.     
Do NOT personalize your charms for the Charm Swap .  We are doing this round robin style so you will not know ahead of time who’s charms you will be receiving back.  If you would like to personalize charms for friends, please make extras and swap those on your own.

Filler Charms
The second charm is a "filler" charm. This charm adds a little more color, sparkle and bling to the bracelet and fills in the spaces between our artsy charms.  This should be very simple, just a bead or a couple beads on a head pin or an eye pin.
Make Them Sturdy! Your charms should be sturdy enough to withstand normal wear and tear on a bracelet that will be worn.  Paper items should be covered with some kind of sealer. ModPodge, liquid glass (please test to make sure ink does not run) – Judikins makes a very good sealer for paper art charms, laminating film, spray sealer, and even clear nail polish are all great options!

No Clasps/Hooks

 Please attach "lobster claws" to your charms so they will can easily be attached to your bracelet or necklace. 
I usually use jump rings to attach charms but if you don't know how to solder this can be a issue. With the lobster claws you can remove and add the charm easily to anything with out damaging it.

Packaging (follow these instructions)

Help our swap angels sort and distribute your charms easily.  Following these instructions is vital to receiving your swaps back quickly.
* Package your charms for the party in small baggies (sandwich baggies are fine).

* Put one of EACH charm in the SAME bag. 

* LABEL your charms with your name and (optional) contact information.   You can use a stick-on label, slip in a business card, or even just a small piece of cardstock with your name.

* Put all of these in a big Gallon size ziploc bag, BOLDLY labeled w/your name.

Assemble Your Bracelets

Bracelets are not included in this Charm Swap. I thought it would be best if everyone brought their own "necklace or bracelet" to add your charms too. I will bring some extra chain for those who can't find or forget to bring theirs. We will be setting up an "assembly party" so be prepared for fun and laughs.  You also may want to put a few of your charms on a pendant or pin instead. 
 ** It is fun to take a group picture of all the bracelets and necklaces! 

Hope to see you in the swap,  Trishalicious


  1. I'm in! Kristi Day

  2. I'd like to participate in this fun swap if I'm not too late. I didn't see a database for this swap on the yahoo group. ????