Friday, March 11, 2011

Ideas for Inspiration boards

Hi, Gals! I am looking for some cowgirls to join my inspiration board swap, right now there's just me and one other lonely cowgal, so I thought I'd share a few inspiration board ideas and links to pique your creative bug and have you consider signing up!
Just browsing through the internet I found a couple boards that are made in different ways but are both fantastic! One I really liked I found over at Joy Folie where she used a metal board to make it magnetic! How fabulous! Here's a peek at her board...

Easy to make and I can imagine a little bit of cowgirl fabric and trims to Paper Cowgirl it up!
Then I was over-the-top excited when I saw she had a linked tutorial to these to use on such
a board...

cute magnetic tacks! These could be adorable to put in the altered box swap too!
click HERE for the tack tutorial too!
Just love the internet for ideas, don't you gals?!!

Then a favorite blog of mine for tutorials of all sorts had this board similarly made to
the inspiration board I made that I posted originally...
over at Sew Mama Sew
Here's her board, not very cowgirl style, but a good strong tutorial on making one...

Remember, your glue gun is your FRIEND!
or at least it's mine!
Have i made you want to join in?!
I hope so!
If so, please leave me your name and way to contact you
under the comments on this post!
And just enjoy the freedom of creating!
Love and cowbells to y'all...

                                                          Cowgirl Suzie

Thursday, March 10, 2011

One-to-One Altered Box Swap

Picture from Deb Trotter's blog - project from Jill Haglund's book Altered Art Projects

This will be a one-to-one swap. We'll be swapping altered boxes. By popular demand, although I first mentioned that it could be any size, I'm going to limit it somewhat so we're all on the same page. Boxes need to be about the size of a cigar box or small lunch box. When I close the swap, I'll assign partners, and you can talk to your partner about what colors they like/have in their house for decorating the outside, but the inside will be completely up to you. You can make it a shadow box, or fill it with fun stuff for your partner like found objects or supplies for art, or finished art you made, or pretty much anything you want. 

From Lynn Stevens of Trash to Treasure Art

Can you believe that's a cigar box? From Saray Viola - check out her blog, she's got some great mixed media altered art pieces!

I found a lot of examples on the internet just by googling altered cigar boxes or mixed media boxes, but if people want more examples, I'll be happy to come back and post more links. Really, though, anything goes.

If you're interested in participating, leave a comment here. I'm going to close the swap on Monday, May 2, to give everyone time to work on their boxes. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Name Tag One-to-One Swap

PC Name Tag One-to-One Swap is up!!

Details for the swap are as follows:
1. Check out the swap on the Paper Cowgirl Yahoo Group Database. You will sign up for the swap here, on this post. Swaps will not be limited, but will be CLOSED on April 1st  (Due to having time to create your partner's "name")

2. Wait until April 1st to find out who you will be swapping with. I will be posting partners on this blog. Go ahead and start planning your name tag while you wait for your swap partner!! Please use vintagy, faded colors...nothing bright!

3. Create, create, create your fabulous name tag! Use millinery, soldered pieces, lace, trims...perhaps a little digital hybrid art? The sky's the limit!! Use soft vintage colors such as pinks, creams, greens, etc. Silver glitter would be a nice touch too! Make sure your nametag is really fussy and gorgeous!

4. Bring your assigned name tag to PC on swap night! Remember presentation is everything!!

Sound fun? Sign Up HERE on this post if you are interested. Please email me with any questions

Faithful Horse Swap Version 2.0

Howdy Cowgirls!

Every cowgirl needs a faithful horse.  Last year we had six swappers because the swap went up late in the game, but as you can see by the photos, the paper horses were awesome!

Join this swap to collect a colorful herd of pretty ponies using this free template (here) created by Artist Ann Wood.

You can utilize the pattern in any way you wish, using any materials you like.  Choose from two "breeds" of horses.  If you want to enlarge or alter the pattern, go ahead.  If you want to make your own pattern, that's fine, too!  We'll make one horse for every swapper, so we get 15 swappers, we'll make 15 pretty ponies.  This swap will close at 20 horses.

So saddle up and have fun!  You can leave a comment here if you have any questions!

Yours, Cathi B. (Calsidyrose)