Friday, March 11, 2011

Ideas for Inspiration boards

Hi, Gals! I am looking for some cowgirls to join my inspiration board swap, right now there's just me and one other lonely cowgal, so I thought I'd share a few inspiration board ideas and links to pique your creative bug and have you consider signing up!
Just browsing through the internet I found a couple boards that are made in different ways but are both fantastic! One I really liked I found over at Joy Folie where she used a metal board to make it magnetic! How fabulous! Here's a peek at her board...

Easy to make and I can imagine a little bit of cowgirl fabric and trims to Paper Cowgirl it up!
Then I was over-the-top excited when I saw she had a linked tutorial to these to use on such
a board...

cute magnetic tacks! These could be adorable to put in the altered box swap too!
click HERE for the tack tutorial too!
Just love the internet for ideas, don't you gals?!!

Then a favorite blog of mine for tutorials of all sorts had this board similarly made to
the inspiration board I made that I posted originally...
over at Sew Mama Sew
Here's her board, not very cowgirl style, but a good strong tutorial on making one...

Remember, your glue gun is your FRIEND!
or at least it's mine!
Have i made you want to join in?!
I hope so!
If so, please leave me your name and way to contact you
under the comments on this post!
And just enjoy the freedom of creating!
Love and cowbells to y'all...

                                                          Cowgirl Suzie


  1. I forgot, did I sign up for your swap? If not put me down!! :) mendy