Monday, March 7, 2011

Faithful Horse Swap Version 2.0

Howdy Cowgirls!

Every cowgirl needs a faithful horse.  Last year we had six swappers because the swap went up late in the game, but as you can see by the photos, the paper horses were awesome!

Join this swap to collect a colorful herd of pretty ponies using this free template (here) created by Artist Ann Wood.

You can utilize the pattern in any way you wish, using any materials you like.  Choose from two "breeds" of horses.  If you want to enlarge or alter the pattern, go ahead.  If you want to make your own pattern, that's fine, too!  We'll make one horse for every swapper, so we get 15 swappers, we'll make 15 pretty ponies.  This swap will close at 20 horses.

So saddle up and have fun!  You can leave a comment here if you have any questions!

Yours, Cathi B. (Calsidyrose)


  1. Hi Catherine! It's great to see your swap open. I was in your horse swap last year and will sign up again too! I'm going to list this under the "swap" category too for you! Suzie