Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SWAP Partners LIST

Cathi makes for Judy
Judy makes for Linda
Linda makes for Debi
Debi makes for Shannon
Shannon makes for Cathi
Susan makes for Mendy
Mendy makes for Susan

One change, due to a dropout - all parties have been notified:
Shannon makes one for Dina Kellogg
Judy Johnson makes one for Shannon
Dina makes one for Judy
Bonnie Bernardi - Cami Dilsaver
Suzie Button - Kristi Day
Jennifer Babcock - Laura Crudup
Susan Jose - Cassie Fisher
Sherryl Hofener - Betti Zucker
Lisa Phillippi - Susie Moore
Trisha - Jennifer Barnes
Marie Jenkins - Debi Maerz

Nametag One-to-One Swap
Mendy Mitrani  makes a tag for
Jennifer Babcock 
Jennifer Babcock  makes a tag for
Susan Jose  
Susan Jose  makes a tag for
Betti Zucker  
Betti Zucker makes a tag for
Marsha Albee
Marsha Albee makes a tag for
Susan Hahaj  
Susan Hahaj makes a tag for
Jennifer Barnes  
Jennifer Barnes  makes a tag for
Jodie  makes a tag for
Laura Crudup  
Laura Crudup makes a tag for
Kathy Scott   
Kathy Scott  makes a tag for
 Judy Johnson  
Judy Johnson makes a tag for
Kristi Day   
Kristi Day makes a tag for
Phyllis Ann Shows  
Phyllis Ann Shows  makes a tag for
Dina Kellogg    
Dina Kellogg  makes a tag for
Jana Martin     
Jana Martin  makes a tag for
Debbe Lackey   
Debbe Lackey makes a tag for 
Cassandra Fisher   
Cassandra Fisher makes a tag for
Mendy Mitrani 

Jennifer Babcock - Debi Maerz
Susan Hahaj - Ginger Snap
Kathy Scott - Kristi Day
Jodie Alley - Marsha Albee
Debbie Lackey - Jana Martin
Betti Zucker - Marie Jenkins
Ann-Denise - Betty Leintz

Faithful Horse participants
(make a horse for each participant)
Cathi Bruni
Jana Martin
Shannon Martinson
Susan Hahaj

Charm Swap participants
(make two charms for each person signed up)
Betti Zucker
Cami Dilsaver
Debbe Lackey
Jana Martin
Kristi Day
Marie Jenkins
Marsha Albee
Susan Skinner
Trish ginger snap
Phyllis Snows

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  1. FYI:

    Just wanted to let you know:

    Should be Phyllis Shows not Snows